Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Regeneration of obsolescence dwellings (case design:    M.Sc.    khadem, davood    2018-04-23
2    Physical and spatial organization and design of the Bajnourd University's central core with emphasis on components of sustainable development in future universities    M.Sc.    masoumian, atieh    2018-04-23
3    Research Institute of Food Industry of Khorasan Province Science and Technology Park with an emphasis on the relationship between technology and health    M.Sc.    mehrkish, javad    2018-04-23
4    Designing core building of science technology park of khorasan with the emphasis on zero energy building    M.Sc.    hosseini, maryam    2018-04-23
5    Designing Technology Pilots in science and technology park of Khorasan with the Approach of answering the characteristics of Green Research centers    M.Sc.    daneshvar hosseini, negar    2018-04-23
6    Designing The Khorasan Electric Power Company Multifunctional building with an emphasis on low-energy building components in the application of Islamic architecture patterns    M.Sc.    gholami, hanieh    2017-05-09
7    No Border Workplaces; The Design of University Administration Building With Emphasis on Characteristics of Future Workplace Environment    M.Sc.    moayedi, mina    2017-05-09
8    Design development of high-rise apartment complex of Mashhad based on evolutionary optimiztion in design process    M.Sc.    Sadeghian, Maryam    2017-05-09
9    The Design of medical tourism center of Mashhad, Razavi Subspecialty Hospital With an emphasis on architectural elements of Islamic countries    M.Sc.    Shahabi, Reyhaneh    2017-05-09
10    " Environment , children , health " Design phase two" Akbar specialized hospital" in Health & Science town (University of Medical Sciences) With an emphasis on environmental influences on child health    M.Sc.    ardakani, maryam    2016-04-17
11    Therapy architecture of health center design (Applying Neuroscience to design a health center)    M.Sc.    Sal Moslehian, Anahita    2016-03-06
12    Dormitory Design for Non-Iranian Students of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Using    M.Sc.    ghabdian, farnaz    2016-03-06
13    Faculty of Psychology design with Environmental Psychology Approach    M.Sc.    Arian manesh, Arefeh    2016-03-06
14    Cinema Complex Design with the approach of Regionalism    M.Sc.    Toosi, Maryam    2016-03-06
15    Zero Energy Center for Advanced Renewable Energies Researches    M.Sc.    Rezaei Oghazi, Nazanin    2016-03-06
16    Design of Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and Applied Art with approach of enhancing sense of belong in Learning environment    M.Sc.    Neshati, Elahe    2015-09-21
17    Designing the residential high-rise building of Ferdowsi university according to the psychological demands of users    M.Sc.    yasamani farimani, mohammad hadi    2015-04-27
18    Multi-functional residential-commercial complex with intercultural approach in the city of Urmia to promote interaction between Iran and Turkey    M.Sc.    mirzaalipour, furugh    2015-03-08
19    Residential complex in hot and humid climate (Designing a residential complex for Pars Special Economic Energy employees in Asaluye with the approach to Energy Saving)    M.Sc.    Mollazadeh, Maryam    2015-03-08
20    Architecture for Science: Innovation & Technology Center Design in Ferdowsi Univaersity Campus with Digital Approach    M.Sc.    abbas zadeh vahid, mahdieh    2015-03-08
21    Designing the Ferdowsi University's STEM Center with Multidisciplinary Approach    M.Sc.    kafiyan, mohadeseh    2015-03-08
22    Developement planning of Sun-air research center with emphasis on future research spaces    M.Sc.    Shayesteh, Shokoufeh    2015-03-08
23    Design of environmental research park with emphasis on green campus criterais- case: Ferdwosi university of mashhad    M.Sc.    fereiduni, farzane    2015-03-08
24    Designing of Khorasanis' Zaersara and Hosseinieh in Karbala with increasing of cultural interactions approach    M.Sc.    nikooghadam, hamidreza    2015-03-08

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